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Jen began her consultancy in 1994, following a successful career in London with Meryl Marshall Interiors.  Further to her Art History degree and a Whitehouse Institute of Design diploma, Jen's international and local experience quickly established her consultancy as relevant, informed and bespoke. 

Today Jen is a sought-after interior designer helping people envision and realise how to live beautifully and practically.​

Featured in critic Andrew Martin's Top 100 Design book, Vol 17, Jen's work is exemplified by her understanding of what home living truly is.  The interplay between space, comfort, beauty and practicality characterise her design ethos. 


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J.Jones is a full service interior design consultancy, characterised by the relationships Jen builds with both clients and suppliers.  Her uniquely personal service to each client is based on the client's brief and requirement; and then enlivened by her instinctive  feel for practical creativity.  All project details are managed by Jen from conception to styling.


  • Turnkey interior design projects.

  • Kitchen and cupboard design: including workflow planning, look & feel, cupboard design and decor.

  • Space planning: for new builds before the breaking of ground and renovations.

  • Planning consultation (off-plan or on-site).

  • Decorator services.

  • Interior design.

  • Concept work on upgrading house decor and space.  

  • Custom furniture design.

Living Details (etc.)

04 living details (etc.)

Bathrooms, kitchens, cupboards, styling and gardens.


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Interior Living (etc.)


South Africa. 

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